Roswell: JPEGs

Here, in no particular order and, possibly, of no particular interest, are photos taken the weekend of the 2012 Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Festival: uncaptioned, uncropped, just thrown out into cyberspace. A few remarks to help in the deciphering process: The first are from Friday night's costume party at the Roswell Zoo. We expected to … Continue reading Roswell: JPEGs

Roswell Sightings: Day 2

Today's sights: Darth Vader; Power Rangers (the realĀ ones!); Chewbacca; a woman wearing neck-to-toe body paint who shouldn't have been wearing neck-to-toe body paint; a mayor standing in the shade reading a l-o-n-g resolution while I stood in the sun; zombies dancing; a fried beef sopapilla; a car shaped like a space ship (I guess); a … Continue reading Roswell Sightings: Day 2