Roswell: JPEGs

Here, in no particular order and, possibly, of no particular interest, are photos taken the weekend of the 2012 Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Festival: uncaptioned, uncropped, just thrown out into cyberspace.

A few remarks to help in the deciphering process:

The first are from Friday night’s costume party at the Roswell Zoo. We expected to see space creatures but found zombies, executioners, and belly dancers as well.

The belly dancers danced with pythons. The dancer on the left has one wrapped around her arm. She was returning it to its basket.

That’s David in the tee-shirt with spacemen on the front.

The baby was cute, so I took her picture.

The space car was parked at the Holiday Inn. I don’t know whether it’s a permanent fixture or a visitor.

Billy (now Bill) Mumy was on the premises, but I didn’t see him.

The alien streetlights are a hoot.

Roswell Sightings: Day 2

Area 51
Area 51 (Photo credit: OakleyOriginals)

Today’s sights: Darth Vader; Power Rangers (the real¬†ones!); Chewbacca; a woman wearing neck-to-toe body paint who shouldn’t have been wearing neck-to-toe body paint; a mayor standing in the shade reading a l-o-n-g resolution while I stood in the sun; zombies dancing; a fried beef sopapilla; a car shaped like a space ship (I guess); a librarian I had classes with at the University of Texas in 1990 (now the author of six books about UFO sightings); some excellent films (both short and feature-length).

Today’s lesson: When you have a grand opening, invite the mayor, but don’t let him read anything, especially a document cluttered with¬†Whereases. Place him beside a celebrity, in view of the news cam. But don’t let him near a microphone.