I Is for I Like Alien Resort: #atozchallenge

  About a zillion words into a post about ifferisms, I discovered I was so bored I couldn't go on, and if I couldn't go on, neither could anyone else. So I abandoned it. That left a void in the topic area, but the only I word I could think of was I. Well, they … Continue reading I Is for I Like Alien Resort: #atozchallenge

Dedicated to the kindness of strangers

In June, David's "Alike and Different," a video "dedicated to the kindness of strangers," won the Out of This World Award at the Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas. The emcee who introduced the video said--and I wrote this down so I would get it right--"Not much I can say. Four minutes." And then, to the audience, "We'll see … Continue reading Dedicated to the kindness of strangers

Roswell: JPEGs

Here, in no particular order and, possibly, of no particular interest, are photos taken the weekend of the 2012 Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Festival: uncaptioned, uncropped, just thrown out into cyberspace. A few remarks to help in the deciphering process: The first are from Friday night's costume party at the Roswell Zoo. We expected to … Continue reading Roswell: JPEGs