Roswell Sightings: Day 2

Area 51
Area 51 (Photo credit: OakleyOriginals)

Today’s sights: Darth Vader; Power Rangers (the real ones!); Chewbacca; a woman wearing neck-to-toe body paint who shouldn’t have been wearing neck-to-toe body paint; a mayor standing in the shade reading a l-o-n-g resolution while I stood in the sun; zombies dancing; a fried beef sopapilla; a car shaped like a space ship (I guess); a librarian I had classes with at the University of Texas in 1990 (now the author of six books about UFO sightings); some excellent films (both short and feature-length).

Today’s lesson: When you have a grand opening, invite the mayor, but don’t let him read anything, especially a document cluttered with Whereases. Place him beside a celebrity, in view of the news cam. But don’t let him near a microphone.

2 thoughts on “Roswell Sightings: Day 2

  1. It’s an interesting place, makes the most of its reputation as a crash site. We also had some excellent guacamole there. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I hope you’ll stop in again.


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