Roswell Sightings: Day 1

Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s sights: Superman; an executioner with hood and sword; a bustier-ed, tutu-ed, high-heeled, red-horned blonde devil; a carousel; a ringtailed lemur (authentic, not costumed); a ¬†fried chimichanga (also authentic); little green men in front of nearly every business establishment (who’s to say?)

Today’s most delightful sight: A covered wagon (cover looked like plastic) pulled by two beautiful brown mules, out in the middle of nowhere

Today’s most promising sight: The Hardback Coffee Cafe, to be investigated tomorrow

English: The McDonalds located at 720 N. Main ...
English: The McDonalds located at 720 N. Main in Roswell, New Mexico models its PlayPlace as a flying saucer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s happiest sight: David, on

English: The Roswell Public Library
English: The Roswell Public Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

learning the hotel room has cable TV

Today’s saddest sight: Me, on learning the pool closed at 10:00 p.m.

Today’s biggest surprise: David handing me the keys and saying, “You drive.”

Today’s most bedraggled sight: Me, after driving for eleven hours

Today’s most chagrined sight: Me, after realizing I didn’t bring the cable for transferring photos from camera to laptop

Today’s most ridiculous eavesdrip: “How long have you been kissing her with the same mouth with which you kissed me?” (TV show about Daytime Emmys)