We’re sitting here in the film studio aka computer room aka living room, Lee and I, watching the men work on technical issues. In a couple of weeks, filming will start.

Lee holds her script. She writes notes  on it. She brought costumes–a cape, a wig, thigh boots, Spock ears. She plays an alien.

I play a cat lady. I’ll wear whatever’s clean that day. The cat hair will add authenticity. I’ll study the script when I get around to it.

At the other end of the room, the talk is all lighting, sound levels, modulation, speakers, LEDs, microphones, Wiindows, Macs, 3.4, 3.6, 4.0, faded out, too dark, and a plethora of other terms. The latest is purple. A purple light on Lee’s white cape might differentiate it from the wall behind.

The cape is beautiful. Worn with the Spock ears, it’s especially striking.

For a time, I sat at the other end of the room, counting aloud and flailing my arms while the men set levels. Then Lee donned her cape and stood with her back to the wall.

Lee: Kathy, is there a difference between me and the wall?

A Man: Well, the wall is less argumentative…

Anyway, that’s the extent of our [solicited] input. Otherwise, we are extraneous. The men don’t know we’re here.

They didn’t notice when I took the photos for this post.

They don’t know they’re about to go online.