G Is for Gnome–No, Not That Kind: #atozchallenge

  A sign at the San Marcos River Bridge in Fentress, Texas, on the western boundary of Caldwell County, reads Gaudalupe County. That wouldn't be worth mentioning, except that when you get across the bridge, you're in Guadalupe County. I assume the error arises from its similarity to words like gauge, gaunt, and gauze. In … Continue reading G Is for Gnome–No, Not That Kind: #atozchallenge

Truth and Embroidery

As a beginning blogger, I wanted to be serious. I intended to write about the writing process, to quote famous authors, and to record my progress toward publication (or toward the satisfaction of having written). I wanted to write about Literature and Life. Halfway through my first post, I discarded that notion. Once upon a … Continue reading Truth and Embroidery

Telling the Truth, Mainly

A friend asked recently, "Why do you blog? It's for the numbers, right?" No. Numbers are nice. I won't pretend I don't look at them. Several times a day, in fact. Compulsively. As one who for a long time was her own audience, I'm delighted by every little hit. Better than numbers, however, are what … Continue reading Telling the Truth, Mainly