Dull people

Only dull people are bored. ~ Adela Rogers St. John

I’ve just begun a book about structuring the novel. So far I’ve learned that I don’t know how to write my novel because I don’t know the structure, and that, because only I know the story, no blueprint exists until I create it.

I’m pretty sure I already had that figured out.

My plot is acting up. Or, worse yet, maybe it’s the story that’s giving me fits. Several months ago, CP convinced me I could make it work, but once again, I’m not so sure.

She asked whether I’m bored with my characters. I’m not. But I’m bored with a situation. I don’t know whether I can make it work. I don’t know whether I want to make it work.

CP said maybe this isn’t the book I want to write. Maybe it’s the second. Maybe it’s just back story.

Maybe I’m afraid to push through to the end.

I wrote a post several months ago about being all grown up and adequate to the task ahead.

Yeah, right.

Today’s Scorpio says I’m filled with courage and the heart to get the job done. And my tenacity will carry me through.

Not today.

I’ll be honest: I do not feel adequate and I have no ideas for tonight’s post, which, because of more network problems, was posted prematurely and is now being fixed. A little.

I don’t think that’s what WordPress had in mind when it invited me to post daily.


Oh well. I’ll think about that tomorrow. It’s another day.

4 thoughts on “Dull people

  1. Ah, the quagmire of despond. I’m right there with you, Kathy. Course, two of us in it doesn’t help. I hope something scintillating happens to pull you out. A sort of literary tractor. Meanwhile, I can only empathise, and say: I know, I know…


    1. I know…The thing is, your posts don’t sound like they’re coming from a quagmire. But I don’t hold it against you. I just attribute it to your being British. Dunkirk, bucket brigades to the dome of St. Paul’s…You folks get things done.

      A literary tractor is exactly what I need. Maybe I can find one at the John Deere store. Or the Caterpillar place out on the interstate.


  2. LOL. I think you just wrote the history of my experience to date with my memoir project. Except you left out the part about getting totally side-tracked with a different project that has taken on seemingly astronomical proportions.


    1. So I’m in good company? I’m sorry about that, but misery does love it…And now you have two projects. That could be good, though, if it keeps you from writing ill-tempered blogs about the memoir project.


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