Crying Towels

I’m watching MI-5. Twenty minutes left. Things are not going well, but then they never are.

This time things won’t end well either. At the top of the hour, a helpful announcer volunteered the information that one agent will not get out alive.

I think I know who it is. In fact, I know I know. Several months ago I did a little research on Wikipedia. I wanted only to find the correct spelling of Harry’s surname, but I found a complete synopsis, from the first episode to the latest.

So I know.

Normally I don’t like to have advance notice. I never begin a book with the last page. I prefer to be surprised.

But tonight I’m glad for the warning. When I know what’s coming, I can prepare.

My stack of crying towels is at hand.


And I’m going to need them.

Insigna of MI5
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4 thoughts on “Crying Towels

    1. Just when I develop an attachment to a character, the writers kill him off. It makes for good drama, but enough is enough. If they need casualties, they could substitute some of the disgusting CIA blondes. [Just talking about fiction, Big Brother.]


  1. I hate it when the previews give away things in a show. And they do it so regularly these days. As for books, if someone gives away the ending before I get there, aaaccchhh! I always hope they’ll fall naked into a bed of poison ivy and that they’re very allergic to it. But then I have friends who read the last page of a book before the first. To each his own.
    Keep the daily blogs coming

    Pat Bean


    1. Falling naked into a bed of poison ivy–that is surely making the punishment fit the crime. When it comes to stories, I’m linear. I like suspense.

      I’ll do my best with my ramblings. You keep yours coming, too.


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