Y’all Stay Warm

Freezing rain, sleet, and drizzle. Williamson County is getting snow, but we’re getting freezing rain, sleet, and drizzle.

I’m fortunate. I don’t have to travel. JFTHOI Writers meet tomorrow–or meets tomorrow–but attendance isn’t compulsory. When roads are icy, few things are compulsory. I fell off one highway once because of a patch of ice, and I don’t care to repeat the experience.

If my husband has to leave for work at the usual time, I’ll worry. But when roads are bad, his office generally delays opening.

So there it is. I have a stack of books. If the power is on, I have the laptop. If the power isn’t on, I have a bed and a heavy comforter and a couple of cats.

Y’all stay warm.

6 thoughts on “Y’all Stay Warm

  1. You too Kathy 🙂 Nothing like a little hibernation, so long as the fridge is full and no-one’s on your case. Especially for a writer such as yourself …. with feline company such as yours….


  2. And the same to you, my friend! Having hit sub-zero temps here yesterday morning, it’s now a balmy 5. At least, for now, it’s dry here. We needed the moisture but wish it hadn’t been so icy. Ah well, beggars and choosers and all that… What hasn’t been resolved is the power issue. Again, not so awful since they’ve managed with rolling blackouts. Last night I just went to bed early–quilts, dog, flashlight, book–not altogethher bad at all…


    1. Perfect, except for the flashlight. You had much more winter storm than I did–especially at a balmy 5. I hope the power is back on round the clock now.


  3. Here in Central PA, we received another layer of ice over night, adding to the frozen tundra already blanketing the neighborhood.

    Poor Savannah, my greyhound, looked like she was trying out some new four paw figure skating moves as she tried to take her morning walk.

    When I tried to spend some extended time outside, gathering things in the garage to be relocated to the house, Savannah did not hesitate to voice her distinct displeasure before turning around and stomping back towards the front door. Since then, she’s been curled, quite comfortably at the foot of the bed, a top the toasty electric blanket. Ah, the life!


    1. While I complain about ice, you folks in the north are really getting it. That’s a great image of Savannah making her way across the ice. I’m glad she got back to her electric blanket.


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