Fish Tales

The poor, half-eaten fish to the left graces the cover of Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology.

Guppies is a chapter of Sisters in Crime, an organization dedicated to the promotion of mysteries written by women.

Guppies is short for The Great Unpublished.

The title is misleading: a number of Guppies are very published, but they remain in the chapter to school the rest of us.

Fish Tales, a collection of twenty-two stories written by Guppies, was recently released as an ebook. A hard copy will soon be available.

I don’t have a story in the anthology, but one of my critique partners, Kaye George, does. It’s titled, “The Truck Contest.”

Kaye’s first book, Choke, will be published by Mainly Murder Press this May. Its protagonist, Imogene Duckworthy of Saltlick, Texas, aspires to be a private investigator.

Immy has written two articles for Hotshots!, the Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter newsletter. The article in the November 2010 issue explains how to qualify as a private investigator. In the February issue, Immy discusses advice she will give if her three-year-old daughter, Nancy Drew Duckworthy, ever stops playing with Barbie dolls and asks how to be a PI. The November article is informative, but if you really want to know how Immy approaches her cases (she isn’t a private eye yet, but she still manages to have cases), read the one in the February issue. It’s Immy in a nutshell.

But back to Fish Tales. The ebook is available from several major vendors. I’m getting ready to purchase one to read on my computer. I’d like to wait for the print version, but I’m in a bit of a rush. There’s a slim possibility that “The Truck Contest” might be about Immy. I’m becoming addicted to her. She’s a hoot.