AROW80 Sunday Report

Write 500 words/ day on Molly: 0 Exercise 30 minutes / day: 1/4 Go to bed by 11:00 p.m.: 2/4 Detail: 1. Writing: Sunday night I received chapter 1 of a 4-part mystery that's being written by members of the local Sisters in Crime chapter. My job was to write chapter 2. That's what I … Continue reading AROW80 Sunday Report

Sincerely, Jonathan

Does anyone remember The American Girl magazine? The old one that was published by the Girl Scouts of America? My mother surprised me with a subscription the year I was nine. I was in my second year as a Brownie, but I didn't know the magazine existed until it landed in the mailbox with my … Continue reading Sincerely, Jonathan


Mama was livid. “Judge Dunne proposed and you refused him? Minna, I’ve been sewing your trousseau since Christmas. You said you had him hook, line, and sinker.” I did say that. But during six months of parlor-sitting with Milroy Dunne, I started thinking about Papa. When he was Colonel Veazey of the Texas Militia, he … Continue reading Minna

AROW80 Sunday Report 1

Progress since Wednesday: Write 500 words a day on Molly: 0/0 Go to bed by 11:00 p.m.: 2/4 Exercise 30 minutes: 0/4 No excuses. One step forward: I realized what must be done to untangle a major snarl in the plot. If you'd like to see how others are doing, click here. Image by Burbank … Continue reading AROW80 Sunday Report 1

Vida Woodward Waller

The woman on the left in the photograph above is my father's mother, Vida Maud Woodward Waller. On the left is his father's sister, Jessie Waller Meadows. The photo was taken, I believe, sometime before 1910. Aunt Jessie lived to be nearly ninety, so I knew her well. I didn't know my grandmother. She died … Continue reading Vida Woodward Waller

The Pledge

My promise to post daily in April having crashed and burned, I now set out on a new adventure: A Round of Words in 80 Days. I'm starting late, so my round will comprise only 73 days. But, as Huckleberry Finn says, that ain't no matter. A Round of Words in 80 Days bills itself … Continue reading The Pledge