Egregiously Underedited

Her Grave Mistake
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Glancing over a recent post, I came across the following line:

I suppose it’ll keep growing as long as it’s watered and sunned properly. Or until the cats knock demolish it.

That post has been sitting on this blog for eight days, and no one has pointed out that until the cats knock demolish it does not make sense.

Knock demolish does not make sense, and furthermore, it’s ridiculous.

It is an error, a phrase I partially deleted, leaving one extra word to stick out for all the world to see.

All  my world, anyway.

I would prefer that not happen again.

So, Dear Readers, be advised: Whenever you see an egregious* error in one of my posts, you are welcome, nay, encouraged to point it out. Just note it in a comment.

There’s no need to be rude, of course, or to imply that you are superior because you found it before I did.

But I want to know when my phraseology is out of joint.

So don’t hold back.

*Egregious is one of my favorite words. I use it as often as possible.