ROW80 Wednesday 5/18 Report

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I spent Monday with the plumber. I spent Tuesday at meetings. I spent today waiting for the electrician.

While waiting for the electrician, I wrote e-mails and prepared for the next newsletter I edit. I admit I could have done more about the novel. But I didn’t.

I did make Fresh Strawberry Pie from a recipe from Marcia Mayne’s Inside Journeys. Since I had two crusts and too many strawberries and plenty of whipping cream, I made two pies. Mine don’t look like the picture on Marcia’s blog, but they are eminently edible.

These are the first pies I’ve made since, oh, 1999. I decided to end my boycott because the strawberry pie recipe calls for no sugar. Plenty of fat, but nothing that would promote a craving for brownies or divinity or carrot cake or anything else that’s evil. The need for only three ingredients influenced me as well.

Preparation was as easy as pie, lol, but I ran into one little problem: whipping the cream. After ten minutes of beating with a whisk, I called David at work and asked him to stop by Wal-Mart and pick up the least expensive electric mixer he could find.

David said, “Don’t we have one?”

I said I would call him back.

Sure enough, after scrabbling around in a cabinet, I discovered a Black & Decker electric mixer. Even more surprising, I found both beaters.

Thank goodness for technology. Without it, and without someone who knew where it was, I would still be whisking. I don’t know how the pioneer women did it.

We enjoyed the end product for dessert this evening, and we will do so for days if I don’t find someone to take this second pie off my hands.

Or not.

Inside Journeys, by the way, isn’t a food blog. Marcia, a native of Jamaica, writes about travel. I haven’t had time to rummage around in her blog, but I when I do, I know where I’m going to start: a post titled, “Are Airline Seat Sizes Shrinking?”

I think I know the answer, but I don’t wish to discuss it in a post about pie.


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