#ROW80 & Decency

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This week I did not meet my writing goals, and I joined four groups.

The groups are activity-optional, so I can’t get too bent out of shape about signing up. One of them sends me recipes I have no intention of trying.

Although I didn’t achieve my target would count, I worked on plotting Molly. A couple of knotty problems appear to be unraveling. It’s about time.

I also offered to read and comment on three novels. I initially volunteered to read only two, but the one I left on the table had a very pink cover, and the face of the young man across the table from me was very pale. Because if I didn’t read the pink book, he would have to.

Sometimes you just have to give in and do the decent thing.

11 thoughts on “#ROW80 & Decency

  1. Your daily comments are a delight to read. And I agree, sometimes you have to do the decent thing. But then again sometimes it’s all right to say no. Have a great day Kathy.


  2. Your compassion towards the young man is commendable, Kathy πŸ˜€ It is a busy life you lead. But you always find time for Molly. One day, when you are a famous novelist and I read your story out loud to a reading group, I shall brag shamelessly about these little snippets to which I was privy while you wrote.


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