I Kid You Not

On a quick trip to Missouri, staying in the boonies past the outskirts of Kansas City,

in a possibly no-star hotel, adequate except for its lack of

  1. elevator, and
  2. proximity to restaurants without golden arches.

Checked online under Dining.

First thing I saw was the ad at the top of the page: What’s the best cure for toe fungus?

Checked under Bars and Grills.
First establishment listed: Q & R Pest Control.
I kid you not.

Decided the golden arches would do.


Names have been changed or omitted for obvious reasons.

6 thoughts on “I Kid You Not

    1. Thanks, but I can’t take credit for the toe. I owe that to Getty Images. Considering the key words were “toe fungus,” it was the best choice of all available pictures.

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