When the booming started, I was incensed: one of the neighbors had gotten hold of some fireworks–some very strong fireworks–and were defying both a city ordinance and common sense–it’s too dry here to play with matches. Ernest the Cat was incensed, too; he jumped off the arm of my chair and ran behind it.

It took a good half-dozen booms before I realized they came from St. Edward’s University, which celebrates the beginning of the fall semester with Hillfest–a concert followed by fireworks. We can’t hear the concert, but every year we go outside to enjoy the light show.


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English: Sparkler Polski: Zimny ogień
English: “Sparkler Polski: Zimny ogień” (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Krzysztof Maria Różański, (Upior polnocy) (Own work) is licensed under CC BY 3.0  via Wikimedia Commons