Blatant Self-Promotion


Did I mention my story “And Justice for All”
appears in the Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue of

English: Sparkler Polski: Zimny ogień
English: “Sparkler Polski: Zimny ogień” (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Krzysztof Maria Różański, (Upior polnocy) (Own work) is licensed under CC BY 3.0  via Wikimedia Commons


8 thoughts on “Blatant Self-Promotion

  1. I have taken the liberty of crafting a mini-review by way of response to “And Justice For All.”

    In an impressive economy of words, the author quick-sketches a chilling depiction of the sere emotional landscape on which two people have come to reside, a woman’s stunning improvisation of an exit strategy to save a child from ever-escalating brutality, and her own in-a-heartbeat transformation from victim to vanquisher. I will never again look at sparklers in quite the same way.

    Very well done, Kathy, and congratulations on the publication of your story.


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