My first resolution is to post every single day in 2011.

My second is to eschew perfectionism.

Que sera sera.

Friends called this afternoon to ask my advice about a grammatical matter. They call me their “go-to person” for such information.

I issued the standard disclaimer plus an opinion.

I love it when people treat me like an expert. It means I’m a good actor. So far they haven’t caught on.

6 thoughts on “MMXI

  1. Every day??? That is most admirable. I haven’t even written my first post about my resolutions. Not feeling very resolute just now. Mostly just feverish & stuffy. Not the best writing form. Looking forward to reading all your posts.


    1. I was hoping you’d feel better today. Feverish and stuffy isn’t conducive to anything but more misery. I hope you have something highly effective to take to get over this.

      I’m not sure admirable is the word. The challenge was issued, and I jumped at it without any thought at all. We’ll see how things progress.

      Get well.


  2. Hurrahhurrahhurrah! I so enjoyed November….
    (But if you stop after three days, don’t mind me…)

    And I know what you mean about that expert thing. Acting is the heart of it all, I feel.


  3. I made the same resolution to post every day Susan … and I’m going to adopt your second one. Looking forward to sharing 2011 with you. Pat


    1. That second resolution is a nod to reality and an attempt to keep blood pressure at a healthy minimum.

      I look forward to sharing the year and your travels.


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