Let the universe work

 In the matter of resolutions, I look to Henriette Ann Klauser’s Write It Down, Make It Happen.

Instead of focusing on action, Klauser focuses on objective: what do you want? Make a list, she says. Then put the list away. Relax and let the subconscious and the universe work.

In her book, she profiles the experiences of a number of individuals for whom the process has worked. The story that impressed me most concerned one of her sons.

He was a teenager when he showed her a list he’d found, I believe, on the floor of his closet. The implication was that it had been buried there for a while. He said he’d made it several years before–just written down five or six things he wanted. What was really interesting, he said, was that even though he’d forgotten about the list, everything on it had happened.

I read Klauser’s book at a time when I specialized in reading self-help books. I rarely took any of the advice in them, but Klauser’s plan required little effort–no getting up early, jogging an hour a day, giving up caffeine, eating seven helpings of vegetables–so I tried it.

I wrote the list: things I wanted, things I had no expectation of, things I could not imagine happening.

And then I lost the list. Buried it, in fact.

Five years later, during one of my feng shui periods, I ran across the book and remembered the list.

Everything I’d written had happened. I had it all.

So for 2011, I’m not writing resolutions. Instead, I’m going to make another list.

The only question is–why have I waited so long?

6 thoughts on “Let the universe work

  1. This is great, Kathy: I love effortless things of any kind. I’ve been visualising a la Shakti Gawain for years and it invariably works. I am going off to make my list today!


    1. I’ve never been good at visualizing. Maybe I should read Shakti Gawain. I’ve been seeing her name and her books for years but never opened one.


    1. It worked for me, but I still don’t believe it works. The book is interesting. Klauser also wrote Writing on the Right Side of the Brain.


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