AROW80 Sunday 5/1 Report

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Write 500 words / day on Molly: progress

Exercise 30 minutes / day: hahaha

Go to bed by 11:00 p.m.: hahahaha


I’ve had a couple of minor epiphanies regarding Molly, and I was, when I broke off to post this, making some changes in Chapter 1 that will aid in plot development later.

I wish I were not OCD. I wish I could just make some notes about changes I need to make in Chapter 1 and then go on with writing Chapter Whatever. But I can’t. So I do it my way.

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4 thoughts on “AROW80 Sunday 5/1 Report

    1. Ruth Rendell is the god of my idolatry: those tight plots, and when you get to the last page, one more thing falls into place–bang!


    1. Yep. That’s the only way I’ve got. And if it isn’t fun, why do we do it? Thanks for visiting and commenting. You’ve given me a smile.


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