ROW80 Sunday 5/8 Report

JCB 3CX Backhoe loader
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Write 500 words / day on Molly: Still trying to decide whether the backhoe should come in chapter 3 or wait until later.

Exercise 30 minutes / day: Found the program Zero to 1650, which referred me to Zero to 700. I start tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow…), as soon as the clothes dryer repairman leaves.

Go to bed by 11:00 p.m.: 50%

Detail: The plan for tomorrow: Get up, don swimsuit, write until repairman arrives, write check for repairman, collapse on sofa to recover from writing check, put laundry in washer, go to pool, do day #1 of Zero to 700, write some more…

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Image of backhoe by S. Lampkin, U.S. Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

9 thoughts on “ROW80 Sunday 5/8 Report

    1. Here’s what I’m not telling you: If I get out of bed and immediately put on my swimsuit, there’s a chance I’ll also get into the pool. If I get out of bed and don’t immediately put on my swimsuit, there’s not a chance in a million I’m going to get into the pool.

      Furthermore, I wasn’t going to entertain the repairman wearing just my swimsuit. I was going to put clothes on over it. Although it does sound more interesting the other way. (Would Immy bother with clothes?)


  1. She’s hoping it will help to lower the price ;).

    Good luck with the backhoe! Just don’t dig yourself any plot holes… (OK, yes, that was really awful. I could just delete it, but I’m not going to)



    1. If I thought wearing a swimsuit would help, I would seriously consider doing it. However, I’m afraid they might tack on a surcharge

      I’m so glad you didn’t delete the backhoe remark! I love it. And I have so many plot holes already, what’s one more?

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


  2. I need to get an exercise plan, and a series of coincidences seem to be telling me that I need to learn to swim. Good luck with Zero to 700 and beyond!

    So, figurative or literal backhoe? (If I were very rich, I’d want a big lot and earth moving equipment. Or at least a Bobcat of my own.)


    1. Literal, as in the novel, backhoe. Those Bobcats look like fun.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. And good luck on your exercise plan. I hope you have an easier time getting started than I did.


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