Saints, Angels, Bananas, and Bricks

David made banana pudding. I'd planned to make it myself. We had spotty bananas. David made a special trip to HEB for sugar, flour, cream of tartar, vanilla wafers, and other ingredients Miss Myra required. Then I ran out of steam. That was Friday. Saturday the bananas were even spottier. Definitely on their way out. I was the same, … Continue reading Saints, Angels, Bananas, and Bricks

That’s How the Smart Money Bets

Roaming around online, I happened upon the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. And instead of thinking what a normal person would, I thought like a member of the Professional Organization of English Majors: Why Damon Runyon? Runyon wrote the stories on which the musical Guys and Dolls was based. You remember--"A Bushel and a Peck," "I've … Continue reading That’s How the Smart Money Bets