100-Word Story: You’ll Be Fine

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

GENRE: One line of fiction. The rest is truth.
100 words

Dedicated to my dear cousin Mary Veazey, who said, “Let’s go on a cruise.”
I have almost forgiven her.



Beautiful . . . waves, sunset . . .

Deck chairs . . .

Two nights at sea, then—shopping in Can Cún.

Uh-uh. Swimming, sunbathing, siestas. Bar open yet?


Soooooo relaxing. Waves rocked me to sleep.

Hurry, let’s claim our chairs.


Chairs. There’s pizza near the pool.


I’m queasy.

Wearing your patch?

Don’t have one.

Sit here. Sea air helps. ‘Bye.


Find a doctor.

You’ll be fine.

Move, or I’ll ruin your sneakers.


I’m going home . . .

You’ve had a shot of phenergan—you’ll be fine.

. . . if I have to swim.


Phenergan worked! I’m fine. Let’s shop till we drop.

. . . I’m queasy.


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18 thoughts on “100-Word Story: You’ll Be Fine

  1. This is why I don’t take cruises. I had a similar experience on a 30-foot sloop with my brother, father, and uncles in 1984. You’ve told a good story, and I hope now you’re fully recovered.


      1. I know what you mean by the memory lingering. Even today, over thirty years later, I remember my experience as if it happened yesterday. I wrote a poem about it, and you’ve inspired me to post it on my blog. You’ll get a pingback when that happens.


  2. Oh dear… That is a sad thing, for sure. I love cruising and am fortunate in not having seasickness…
    This was a fun read!


  3. You must admit, you have sense been on several more cruises with much happier results. Then, there is always the chance…..when do we leave again? mvz


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