Friday Fictioneers: Used to Be

The Friday Fictioneers Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photograph.   * USED TO BE "The convention center? Well, go about six blocks, to where the old movie house used to be--the one that burned in '87--What'd you say, Fred?" "It's The Oaks now. Condos." "Oh, that's right. Well, just before the condos, turn right, and when you … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers: Used to Be

Coming July 21: DAY OF THE DARK & More of the Murderous Marva Lu

“The good old days.” Joe turned his eyes up to the ceiling and sighed. “Oh, I remember it all. Fried chicken, sunbathing, you grabbing me and holding me under the water till I almost drowned before you let me go. . . . What I don’t remember is anybody actually swimming.” “We had too much … Continue reading Coming July 21: DAY OF THE DARK & More of the Murderous Marva Lu

Reblog: Kaye George on Taxes for Writers 2017

Technically this isn't a reblog, because WordPress and Blogger aren't set up to reblog each other's posts. So I'll call it a shareblog. *** In a post on Travels with Kaye, established--and very successful--writer Kaye George says the IRS hobby rule doesn’t have to apply to writers, "if you’re serious about your writing." She explains the hows and … Continue reading Reblog: Kaye George on Taxes for Writers 2017

What’s Happening?

What I’ve been doing when I haven’t been fighting off my cat.

Austin Mystery Writers

Posted by M. K. Waller

The Austin Mystery Writers blog has been quiet for several months, but we’re still living the Writing Life. Here’s what’s been going on.

V. P. Chandler and Laura Oles at the AMW panel discussion, Wimberley Village Library, November 2016

In November, AMW members, along with Scott MontgomeryCrime Fiction Coordinator at MysteryPeople in Austin, appeared on a panel discussing AMW’s crime fiction anthology, MURDER ON WHEELS (Wildside, 2015), at the Wimberley Village Library in Wimberley, TX.

Laura Oles is editing her novel, DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN, to be published by Red Adept in winter of 2017. Her story “Ocean’s Fifty” will appear in DAY OF THE DARK, an anthology compiled and edited by Kaye George. DAY OF THE DARK will be released by Wildside Press on July 21, 2017, exactly one month before the total solar eclipse that will occur on August…

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