Friday Fictioneers: The Red Shoes

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo Prompt © Magaly Guerrero


 The Red Shoes

“A photo prompt? Ooooh. High-heeled lace-ups.”

“What’s that book?”

“So retro—art reference—I want.”

“No. That one. Red cover, gold letters, dog… E-G-P-U-something-C-A-R-O—

“Zoom in. RECRUIT. Dog?”


“Which Carolina?”


DEPOT. Red pumps.”


“MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT PARRIS ISLAND, Iwo Jima Memorial. That dress at Nordstrom’s . . . ?”

“The dog–“


“On the ‘memorial.’ English Bull. Eyes, ears, big red tongue.”

“Going shopping. ‘Bye.”

Ohhhh. Not a tongue. The cover. There’s the Marine’s bottom… his leg… I thought it was a dog.”

“A Rorschach cover.”

“What’s a dog mean?”

“What’s a bottom mean?”


Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island South Carolina 1968  ~~~ Not the same, but similar


Word Count: 42

Ernest and William © MK Waller

Speaker # 1 didn’t go shopping for red pumps. He stayed home, worked on his cartoons, did laundry, and massaged William the Cat. “Rorschach cover” is his.

Speaker #2 said, “Thank you,” then wrote and cut and cut and cut. And wrestled with Ernest the Cat.


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11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Red Shoes

    1. One glimpse–the dog grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. If my husband hadn’t been here, I’d still be moving the laptop around to get the glare off the monitor so I could decipher the little gold letters. Thanks for your comment, and also for sponsoring Friday Fictioneers. It’s fun.

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  1. This gave me the giggles. It reads like having a dream–snapshots flying wildly.

    Oh, and the red tome is my Marine Corps Boot Camp graduation book, full of Devil Dogs (and bottoms, I bet!). 😀


    1. You were a Marine! I read the profile on your blog. Wow.

      My husband kept saying, “It’s the Iwo Jima Memorial.” I kept saying, “But what’s the dog doing there?” When my eyes finally adjusted, I realized I had a story. Easier than making one up, if you don’t count the frustration at not being able to decipher the little gold letters.

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      1. Your husband got it right. I had so much fun reading your story. I imagined you getting really close to the screen trying to figure out what’s on the cover of the book.


    1. I’m glad SOMEONE besides me saw the dog. I had to explain it to David, feature by feature. He did all the work. I just sort of stored the conversation in my brain.


  2. LOL, I’ve seen this picture before and never realized it was a Marine book (though I knew it was a Marine’s books 😀 ) Cute.


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