Old J. C. Dauchy Gin Company Weigh Station


Old Gin Office, J. C. Dauchy Gin Company. Fentress, TX 2015

4 thoughts on “Old J. C. Dauchy Gin Company Weigh Station

    1. Me too Kathy, I used to ride with Cullen Dauchy when we weren’t even old enough to drive and haul cotton to the gin when Bub was running it. Such good memories……


      1. Cullen took a bunch of kids from the Methodist Church (and wherever else) Christmas caroling in an old Gin Company truck one year. We nearly froze to death. I was ten, which would have made him fifteen, which means he might have had a license by then. It was before the state tightened up on teens driving. But those of us who started driving when barely out of infancy kept on going. In Fentress, nobody was watching anyway.

        Thanks for your comment. It’s nice to have people out there to share memories with.


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