ROW80 Sunday 5/22 Report

Day Services Unit waiting room
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Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Wednesday=Stayed home. Electrician didn’t come.

Thursday=Stayed home. Electrician didn’t come.

Friday=Gave up and left home to take care of business.

Plumber did come. He is a delightful young man. I would adopt him except he’s already replaced just about every fixture on the property, both inside and  out, and he would have nothing to do. I hate to ask him to crawl under the house until absolutely necessary. On Monday, I ran into a snake in the yard, and you never know where his family might reside.

Renter did come. He is a delightful young man. It’s a pleasure to see him so excited to be living in the house where I grew up. Since he will be around anyway, I may adopt him.

In the half-hour between plumber and renter, I sat on the side porch steps and looked at the pecan trees across the driveway, and the brush pile that should be burned but can’t be until the burn ban is lifted, and my cousin’s new barn across the street. I relaxed, breathing in country air and quiet.

I took out pen and notebook and wrote the first lines of Chapter 5.

I crossed out and started over and turned pages and started over, and by the time I was finished, I had only three or four sentences. But I was back in the dream again, with neighbors gathered in a hospital waiting room, little girls listening to an old man telling stories, women gossiping, and men standing in the hallway, arms crossed, not saying much at all.

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8 thoughts on “ROW80 Sunday 5/22 Report

  1. Well, it sounds lovely! But you need to find a different electrician. If it’s something easy maybe I could do it. My dad was an electrician, after all.


    1. He isn’t my electrician, and I didn’t ask for him. He belongs to the city, and they sent him. This morning. Finally.


  2. Beautiful!

    I love when service people tell you they’ll arrive between 10 and 6 and you’re stuck waiting and waiting. But worse when they don’t even show. Good thing you could get a few sentences down.


  3. This a a nice place to hang out. I’m a new blogger and chronicling my highs and lows as I pursue my passion of writing. In that way, our blogs are a little similar. And those guys who fix things never do show up in a timely fashion. I know the story. Stop by to see me sometimes 🙂


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