ROW80 Wednesday 5/26 Report

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I am too tired to speak of goals or progress. I will say that I got to bed by 11:00 p.m. two days in  a row, and that I’m about to make that three.

I am still trying to come up with just the right way to begin Molly Chapter 5. That means, of course, I’m fighting a losing battle. It’s interesting, the things you do when you know they’re not going to work. Or perhaps you don’t. But I do.

My conclusion: I must go back to pen and paper, slow myself down, write what’s wrong, leave it there, scratch it out, whatever, but–live with it. Let it stare me in the face while I keep a-going. End up with a mass of scribbled-on paper instead of a screen blank from repeated deletions.

Someday, when I’ve broken through the need for perfection–or at least the idea that I can attain it–I’ll return to the keyboard.

Regarding exercise, I ran all over the house this afternoon trying to get out the door to an appointment. Last-minute tasks kept calling me: find keys, find socks, find purse, find sunglasses, find cash, take clothes out of dryer, put clothes into dryer, put note on door for AC technician telling him not to let cats out…

It wasn’t the last-minute things that caused me to run late, though. It was the amount of time I spent trying to put on a pair of David’s jeans.

Sally Barber, stop laughing.


12 thoughts on “ROW80 Wednesday 5/26 Report

  1. My father died in 1990. I finished the 20 page book of poetry last night. I might have a couple of more poems somewhere on ragged sheets of paper but I may be done.

    Don’t know what you are writing. You just have to keep going…one scratch out at a time.

    For me, it was now or never.


  2. If you can, move on. Let the imperfect be imperfect for a while. There have been times when I’ve pressed forward because I was so tired of looking at a section, only to find the perfect way of fixing it when I looked at it again a week later. Changing back to pen and paper is a good idea. Anything to reframe. Good luck!


    1. I like the idea of reframing. Thanks for giving me a fresh way to think of the situation. It’s interesting how changing language can change perspective. And thanks for visiting and commenting.


    1. Do all people who work with words have these same experiences? Except perhaps technical writers and Stephen King. Maybe that’s why blogs are important–we can buoy each other up. (And, of course, blogs give me a fine audience with whom to share my misery!)


  3. I have been trying to organize my poetry to have published for almost 8 years.
    Sometimes, we must let things simmer, or marinate
    until “it’s time” !
    I have ADHD I am positive. Your leaving the house sounds like mine…almost every day.
    Great post!!


    1. Organize? What’s that? I have just ADD. No H. Glad you like the post. We should get together and discuss these issues sometime. I feel I have met a kindred spirit.


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