100-Word Story: The Ash Heap

Friday Fictioneers Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photograph. Genre: Fiction Word Count: 100 ***** THE ASH HEAP   On the ash heap lay a bottle, an empty cigarette pack, a broken doll. “Stop,” she’d said. “Stop or I’ll leave.” “You won’t.” He laughed. “You’re just a baby, still playing with dolls. Out … Continue reading 100-Word Story: The Ash Heap

I Said No to Hemingway

My post @ Writing Wranglers and Warriors is NOT about Hemingway.

It is about what Aliens @ Alien Resort look like. You will be surprised and delighted.

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


Posted by Kathy Waller

Last weekend, I wrote a post about cows. It ran to over 1100 words, and I hadn’t covered even half of the cows I’d planned to. Furthermore, it was silly. I scrapped it.

Coy © David David“Coy” © David David

Today I started a post in which I intended to compare a book by artist-author Shel Silverstein to the novels of Katherine Paterson. The first part–the Shel Silverstein part–ran to over 1300 words, and there were more to come.

That posed a problem, as most of the piece was to be about Katherine Paterson.  I liked what I’d written, and so would other English majors, some of them, maybe, but most people aren’t English majors. They find literary criticism tedious. So I scrapped it.

© David Davis“Lmao” © David Davis

© David Davis© David Davis

Then I thought about writing a brief post about symbolism, drawing from the novels and stories of Ernest Hemingway. It was going to be…

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Thank You, Nightstand Book Reviews

When I was eight, my grandmother gave me two Nancy Drew mysteries for Christmas: The Secret in the Old Clock and The Clue of the Tapping Heels, and I was hooked. One title led to another. Since then, I've read through Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, Donna Leon's Inspector Brunetti, Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley, … Continue reading Thank You, Nightstand Book Reviews

100-Word Story: That Which We Call a Rose

Friday Fictioneers Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photograph: ***** Genre: Fiction Word Count: 100 THAT WHICH WE CALL A ROSE "Daffodil." "No. Jonquil." "Daffodil." "White. Daffodils are yellow." "And that one?" "Buttercup." "Primrose." "Nope." "Oenothera speciosa." "Wrong." "It's pink. Not buttery." "So?" "Primrose. Oenothera speciosa.." "Buttercup." "Primrose." "Is not." "Is so." "Prove … Continue reading 100-Word Story: That Which We Call a Rose