William Bit Me

William bit me at the vet, Didn't like the aide's assistance, Used his claws and fangs to set On the path of most resistance. Say I'm teary, say I'm mad, Say that pills and needles hit me, Say my arm's inflamed, and add, William bit me.   *** Jane Carlyle, wife of philosopher Thomas Carlyle, … Continue reading William Bit Me

Diary of Louisa May Alcott: Virtues and Vices

Louisa wrote in her journal about a conversational lesson with Mr. Lane: "What virtues do you wish more of?" asks Mr. Lane. I answer:-- Patience,                Love,                Silence, Obedience,            Generosity,     Perseverance, Industry,       … Continue reading Diary of Louisa May Alcott: Virtues and Vices


Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of attending a celebration of our friend Judith Rosenberg's seventieth birthday. We first met Judith several years ago when she joined the 15 Minutes of Fame writing practice group. Through both her writing and our conversations over lunch, we've learned that she hails from New York, that she earned … Continue reading Judith

William, Making Adjustments

Last night, while I was working--aka playing Bookworm--William jumped into my lap. Fortunately, the camera was within reach, so I was able to document the adjustments he made searching for the perfect position of repose. Note on Position #1: What looks like a spot of mange near his tail is merely the result of being … Continue reading William, Making Adjustments

A Cat May Look at a Queen

Every Christmas, David gives me a gift commemorating our visit to the UK ten years ago. The latest was a small figurine of the Queen, which resides on the lamp table beside my chair. The Queen seems comfortable there, upright, smiling yet dignified, never the focus of unseemly familiarity. Yesterday, though, returning from my critique … Continue reading A Cat May Look at a Queen