Z Is for Zoo & Zither: #atozchallenge

The Tale of Mervin and Leroy A Nap Time Story by Crystal Barrow Waller as recalled and recorded by her daughter   Once upon a time, there were two little moose named Mervin and Leroy. They lived high up in the Teton Mountains. One day, Mervin called out, "Merrrrrrrrrrrr-vinnnnnnnnnnnnn." Leroy heard and called out his … Continue reading Z Is for Zoo & Zither: #atozchallenge

Y Is for Y’all–Dictionary +: #atozchallenge

    Note: I wrote the following early on Saturday, April 27, Y-Day, but left posting until I returned from hearing La Boheme at Austin Opera. I got home later than expected, however, and forgot to post. When I remembered, it was already the 28th. I could have beaten myself up for fouling out of … Continue reading Y Is for Y’all–Dictionary +: #atozchallenge

X Is for Xerxes: #atozchallenge

  Lying in bed this morning, I came up with the perfect Y word. I began gathering information and working on an introduction. Then something in my brain clicked and I realized today is X. I figured I might as well go back to sleep. But then one of my characters, the sweet and very young … Continue reading X Is for Xerxes: #atozchallenge

W Is for the W-Words: #atozchallenge

    Buyer's remorse. And not even five hours have elapsed since the purchase. It happens every time. Why do I do this to myself? (W-Word: Why) News of the Writers' League of Texas' annual summer retreat arrived via email this afternoon, and I pounced--checked the calendar to confirm it doesn't fall on an infusion … Continue reading W Is for the W-Words: #atozchallenge

V Is for Vitality, Lack of: #atozchallenge

I thought I would write all twenty-six posts without them--I refrained from using them for Day C--but today I lack the vitality necessary to think of anything new. So on Day V I fall back on Cats. William and Ernest. As I recently posted, Ernest and I are having a disagreement over seating positions. My … Continue reading V Is for Vitality, Lack of: #atozchallenge

UnSubject: #atozchallenge

  I'm watching an old production of The Woman in White and pondering the place of the woman in Victorian fiction. There are two half-sisters, one who has inherited, or will inherit, great wealth; the other is relatively poor. The wealthy one is beautiful; she is delicate and wears pastels. Occasionally she faints. The poor … Continue reading UnSubject: #atozchallenge

T Is for Time: #atozchallenge

One play. Twenty years.  *** When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than was there before.  ~ Clifton Fadiman   The first few years I studied Romeo and Juliet with my high school freshmen, when I was in my early … Continue reading T Is for Time: #atozchallenge

S Is for a Sin & a Shame: #atozchallenge

  LONG before I wrote stories, I listened for stories. Listening for them is something more acute than listening to them. I suppose it's an early form of participation in what goes on. Listening children know stories are there. When their elders sit and begin, children are just waiting and hoping for one to come … Continue reading S Is for a Sin & a Shame: #atozchallenge

R Is for Re-Vision: #atozchallenge

  Writing is a lonely pursuit, and reading it aloud transformed it into an interactive experience It also  brought  the text to life. When Anne read her material to Meg she picked up the difficulties and polished them out so that the writing flowed more smoothly. Occasionally, there were a few ruffled feathers and a … Continue reading R Is for Re-Vision: #atozchallenge

Q Is for Quotations & Mr. Twain: #atozchallenge

  Today's topic is Quotations. Today's theme is Mark Twain. The following quotations are taken from the "Directory of Mark Twain's maxims, quotations, and various opinions." Jane Austen and cat get twice as many lines as the rest because I like Jane Austen and cats. Twain liked cats but despised Jane Austen. I think his … Continue reading Q Is for Quotations & Mr. Twain: #atozchallenge

P Is Not for Pat Boone: #atozchallenge

  How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable Seem to me all the uses of this world! Fie on’t! O fie! ’tis an unweeded garden, That grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature Possess it merely. ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, ii   I woke this morning feeling perfectly fine but at the same … Continue reading P Is Not for Pat Boone: #atozchallenge

O Is for Origami: #atozchallenge

  I was reading Deborah Weber's O post today when a word therein sparked a memory. The word isn't her topic--that's oakus, an old name for something many of you possess--but origami, the art of paper folding. In my third-grade class, we students made snowflakes. That isn't exactly origami, because origami is sculpture, three-dimensional, and … Continue reading O Is for Origami: #atozchallenge

N Is for No: #atozchallenge

When I was a child, my family lived across the street from a couple whose daughter, Denise, was almost three years old. Denise had blonde hair her mother put up in a curly little pony tail. She was as cute as a bug and as bright as a button, but not as sweet as pie. … Continue reading N Is for No: #atozchallenge

L Is for List, List, O List: #atozchallenge

    List, list, O list! If thou didst ever thy dear father love -- ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, i   Yesterday I wrote about three conventions of the mystery/suspense novel screenplay that I see as less than realistic. Today I'm taking on two other conventions that give me pause. So-- List, list, O … Continue reading L Is for List, List, O List: #atozchallenge